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The 8 Areas of Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The Life Audit for Entrepreneurs


Mother Parade

Entrepreneurship isn't something you DO; it's something you ARE. It’s a way of life, a passion that runs through your veins. At Mother Parade I work with 8 essential areas that I believe are the building blocks for happiness and success as an entrepreneur. These areas cover every part of your life and business, and my goal is to help you feel your very best in each of them.

Now, take a look below, and you'll find these 8 areas of Entrepreneurial Lifestyle. What they're all about, and why they really matter. I want you to ask yourself how they line up with your own values and dreams. Picture what you want your entrepreneurial life to be like in each area and put it side by side with where you are now. What does that look like, and how happy are you with your day-to-day actions?

Once you understand where you are now and where you want to be, you'll have the control to bridge the gap and leveling up your entrepreneurial lifestyle.


Stay focused on your big 'why' and know what you're working on.

This area is all about finding your North Star. It's about understanding the deeper meaning behind your entrepreneurial journey. Why did you start in the first place? What drives you every day? Defining your purpose and vision will provide you with a clear roadmap, ensuring that every step you take is aligned with your ultimate goals.


Get to know yourself better and make decisions that truly resonate.

Having self-awareness will help you in every aspect of your life. It's about understanding what makes you tick, your strengths, areas for growth, and what truly matters to you. This knowledge will help you with your decisions, boosting your confidence and happiness.


Master your money and gain peace of mind.

Financial stability is your secret weapon. Dive into the world of finances, take charge of your money, and build a healthy cash flow. Understanding what you're doing will give you the confidence to make sound financial choices. And with clarity comes peace of mind; fear of finances is not uncommon in the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle :)


Fuel your body and mind for peak performance.

Your well-being is your energy source. When you're feeling down, your workflow goes down. So make sure you stay on top of your game; both physically and mentally. Have boundaries, do your work-outs and make sure to rest from time to time. You and your business go hand in hand, in good and bad times.


Find the perfect harmony between work and play.

Balancing work and life is your key to staying in for the long game. Have clear boundaries on your work schedule and make sure you save space for relaxation and the fun stuff in life. Because if you want to be at your best, you need to know how to enjoy too!


Work smarter, not harder, for stress-free achievements.

One of the best things about the entrepreneurial lifestyle is that we can decide our own schedule. However, it's also one of our biggest pitfalls. With so much on our plate, time often becomes something we chase or feel chased by. It's therefore crucial to work as smart as you can, simplifying tasks, prioritizing effectively and outsourcing what you can to be as productive as possible.


Thrive in change, persevere through challenges.

The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle can be a rollercoaster! But don't let setbacks or challenges get the best of you. Develop the habit of seeing change as an opportunity, learn to pivot and be flexible. Resilience is not about always being the strongest or never experiencing difficulties. It's about knowing how to ride the waves when things get tough, learning from them, and knowing when to let go or change course when necessary.


Embrace growth and become your best self.

Your entrepreneurial journey is also a journey of personal growth. We become our best selves when we stay curious, stepping out of our comfort zones every now and then to try something new. It’s a scary feeling, but always make sure to keep yourself on the edge of your seat before you get stuck in routine and stop growing as a person.


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