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It's so good to have you here, my name is Yvonne Yu. I'm a true creative at heart. I'm also a huge foodlover, an optimist and a mother of two. Things I love are: keeping it simple, celebrating the little things and creating stuff. Whether it's a new business, a new dish or redecorating the house - I really like to do new things.


How my story started?

Well it all sort of just happened. I started my first business as an interior architect right after grduating in 2008. But it didn't took long before I realised it wasn't really my thing. So after a few other startups in the creative scene I eventually found a corporate job in retail. It was completely new and I discovered a whole new side of me. I created strategies, trained staff and also hosted workshops to teach people how to find the best in themselves and how to grow within the company.


But during my first pregnancy I started to miss my creative self. So I dusted off my sewingmachine and learned myself how to make baby accessories with the help of YouTube tutorials. I received a lot of positive reactions, opened up an Etsy shop, promoted my designs on Instagram and quit my corporate job.

...and now

Along the way I met so many amazing and talented people. People who often do not take that first step in order to do the things that really make them happy. They either cannot see their own strength or they believe a lot of money and time is needed first. But there is so much more possible if we'd only begin by changing the conversations we have with ourselves.

After yet another convo with a fellow entrepreneur in the DM of Instagram the idea for Mother Parade began to grow. I really love having these conversations, why not combine my creativity and my drive to empower others with my personal experiences?

This is the next chapter of my story. I learned by doing and now I'm ready to share everything I learned with you.


spring / summer 

During my pregnancy I feel the urge to get creative! With the help of YouTube tutorials I learn how to make leather soft soled baby shoes with a sewing machine gifted years before.

spring / summer 

It's becoming a challening to keep up with production while being a first time mom with a full time job. I decide to start with wholesale so I can grow more. This makes it possible for me to quit my day job and focus fulltime on the business


I love the apparel so much that I design a small collection. The clothes are sewn by an atelier in The Netherlands and the prints and AOP illustrations are pressed afterwards by hand in my attic.

spring / summer 

It's time for change again and I decide to put full focus on the apparel. I say farewell to Tough Cookie and go on as One Day Parade. I manage to grow the business enough to now have my own illustrations printed on fabric. Major win!

spring / summer 

While I start the year as a single mother, ODP keeps on growing. The SS19 will be the biggest collection so far, sold in over 40+ stores worldwide. I want production closer to home and move from Turkey to Portugal.

spring / summer 

While I try to handle the damage of AW19 on the background, Covid-19 enters the world. Again ODP will looses quite some retailers.

spring / summer 

The pandemic has a great impact on ODP and it makes me see my business in a different light. The way we work in fashion in general is not aligned anymore with my ideas of sustainability.


autumn  /  winter

I receive a lot of positive feedback on the shoes I make for my baby Noëlle. By request I open up an Etsy shop and just like that a new adventure named Tough Cookie has begun.

autumn  /  winter

During my pregnancy of Roan I start to long for more creative diversity in my work. I design my first sweaters for kids and I'm immediately hooked by all the opportunities apparel can give me.

autumn  /  winter

ODP keeps on growing and is ready for the next step. The AW18 collection is the first fully manufactured collection.

autumn  /  winter

The agency I choose to work with turns out to be a big mistake. Due to poor quality 2/3 of the AW19 collection has to be rejected. Half of the stockists will drop ODP.

autumn  /  winter

With only a handful of stockists left it's a challenge to find a new manufacturer that's able to work with my minimal quantities. Luckily I find one in Turkey and production will be relocated again

autumn  /  winter

The quality of the AW21 production is not as expected. Unfortunately me and the manufacturer are not able to solve the matter and we part ways. ODP now has no manufacturer and it's time to pivot again!

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