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Hello, I'm Yvonne

I’m an entrepreneur, a creative at heart, a glass half full kinda lady and a coach with big dreams. 


Ever since I was little, I like to do things my way. The idea of carving my own path, breaking free from the norm and making a real impact doing what I love is my ultimate goal.


I’m a true believer that we become our best selves when we stay curious, stepping out of our comfort zones every now and then to try something new.

It’s a scary feeling, but I like to stay on the edge of my seat rather than getting stuck in routine.

Yvonne Yu, online business coach at Mother Parade

In the past 15 years, I've worn many hats – starting as an interior architect,owning a brick-and-mortar store, trying my hand at jewelry making, diving into the corporate world as a manager and coach,

and then circling back to entrepreneurship as a fashion designer and webshop owner.

What I've learned from all my different identities is that it’s not just about what you do, but how you blend it with who you are. Aligning with your values, setting unapologetic boundaries and creating a life that's more than a never-ending to-do list.

Just like anyone else, I've had my fair share of fears – the fear of not being good enough, rejection, the constant habit of comparing myself to others and feeling inadequate, and the unrelenting pressure to fit in. These thoughts began to paralyze me, and at times, I didn't even recognize myself. I delved into these fears, understanding their origins, and made a conscious decision to change the narrative within myself.

Standing up for my values, even in the face of rejection, transformed my business.  I discovered it's not just the product you offer; it's the emotion, the vibe, the connection that makes all the difference. And this understanding has become the cornerstone of my approach. It's the secret sauce I'm eager to share with you.

Growing your business is far beyond just surviving the daily grind.

To me, entrepreneurship is more than a career—it's a lifestyle, an extension of who you are. It's about building your dream and amplifying everything you stand for while enjoying the journey. I'm here to help you align your business with your values, untangling uncertainties, and build a solid foundation rooted in self-awareness.

Yvonne Yu, online business coach at Mother Parade

I'm not about quick fixes or surface-level tricks & tips. I’m all about diving deep, tackling challenges at their core, and creating lasting transformations. Having walked the same path you're on, I'm here to guide you through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship. You won't be alone—I'll stand right by your side as we team up on your journey of growth, self-discovery and building a sustainable business.


So, if you feel ready to pivot your entrepreneurship into a more fulfilling and enjoyable direction, let's take this step together. Join me at my virtual kitchen table, and let's chat!

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