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Power Hour Momentum Boost

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Service Description

We entrepreneurs are pro muli-taskers, arent’t we?! Known for our never ending to-do lists, always a deadline ahead and let’s not forget the countless open tabs we have running in the back of our minds. Just sometimes the workload gets a bit overwhelming and we feel stuck. Or we’re so used to our work routine, it’s hard to change or see the opportunities that are in front of us. But don’t worry! Sometimes all you need is a good chat and a handful of practicle steps to start gaining momentum again. In our 60-minute 1:1 coaching session, we'll take a close look at your current situation and your goals. Next, we’re going to set up a plan for you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Whether you need to shake up your day-to-day work activities, fine-tune your time management or shift to another approach, we’ll find a way to get you going! Don’t wait any longer, it’s time to get in control again. Whether you're flying solo, running a startup, or already a business pro, I'm here to help every step of the way. Schedule your session now, and let's make momentum happen!

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