The end of the year is almost here! was it a good one Or are you

not sure yet? no worries, you still have a few weeks to shake things up!

Learn how to stop doubting yourself and finally get things done!

We all have goals we want to achieve one day. Learn new skills, start new things....I'm sure you're thinking of one of you goals right now! What is it that you want? Close your eyes for a sec and imagine yourself having reached your goal. How would that be? You'd probably be happy as a clam and SUPER proud too and you should be. I mean hellooo!!


There you standing, finally started that blog you've been dreaming about for ages. Or maybe you wanted to take your business to the next level and BOOM... your bizz baby is now thriving. 


Yes, yes, this is what you want to happen. You can totally visualize the end result and you feel motivated! Let's make this happen! You decide to wake up early the next day and you jot down everything that needs to be done to realise your goal. You make action plans, to-do lists, schedules everything...

Imagine this!

...but hold on, what's happening? 

You've spend the entire morning on  your plans. It looks good, right? Well, does it? Maybe.... You look up from your work and you notice how all kind of thoughts start popping up. That oh so familiar voice inside your head is here...

  • Where to start? There’s too much on that list...


  •  Are you sure this is the right moment? Maybe you need a bit more time before you actually get started?


  • Do you really think you got what it takes? People will think you are just an imposter.


  • What if you mess you up….arghh you will look so stupid when you fail!

  • Quick glance on your socials....seeing others being succesful doesn't make it any better. You'll never be able to do that! 


  • Are you in control? Doesn’t really seem like it eh? And at this moment it surely doesn’t feel like it. 

  • OK...first 30 minutes have past . Lets get another coffee, because this is getting a bit too overwhelming!

Aah that moment when self-doubt kicks in. It can make you feel so small. Do you recognize this feeling?


If so, then lets try something together! Lets go back to that moment when you looked up from your work. Now imagine this: Instead of spiraling down more and more you recognize your critical inner voice immediately. It's Elsa (cause you named her) and Elsa doesn't scare you anymore. You know why she popped up and you know how to deal with her too. 

Instead of doubting yourself if you’re really up for the task you feel empowered because you know what you're capable of. Challenges along the way don’t scare you anymore because you know how to break huge tasks into bite-size chunks! You’re becoming stronger and as a result your business becomes stronger too.


Having self-doubt is human but that doesn't mean it should prevent you from realising your dreams. I love to show you what to do when self-doubt kicks in, how to deal with it and how you can use self-doubt as a tool to grow. 




First, we take a closer look on what self doubt is and where it's coming from. Next, you'll learn the difference between negative and positive self doubt and how self doubt can actually serve you.





At the end of this module you will be aware of the effects self-doubt can have on you and your business. You learn how to recognize  fear of failure, imposter syndrom and procrastination.




In this module I'll give you my 5 go-to tips I use myself whenever I need to shake off self doubt. You'll learn how to handle your thoughts and behavior when you feel triggered and how to put things in perspective. The better you know yourself, the better you're able to stay in control




We can't always control what happens but we can control how we respond. In this module I'll walk you through how I use structure and strategic plans in order to prevent self doubt dragging me down and kill my mood. Next you'll learn how to stay focused on the things you have control over




This module is all about the art of staying in motion. I'll show you how to chop challenges into bite-size pieces to prevent overwhelm. Then we'll talk about the two most common pitfalls and my ways to keep going forward one day at a time




In this final module we'll explore how the conversation you have with yourself can:

1) Help you grow a positive mindset

2) Visualize and reach your goals.

We'll take a closer look on confidence and the furure you. Plus, you'll learn how your inner voice can serve you as a personal guide.


Is this course for me?

Whether you're a maker, an artist or a blogger - this course is for anyone who wants to get control over their self-doubt and start moving forward. 

I don't know if I have time

We all know how busy life can get! That's why you can do this course in your own pace. Whether it's a week or a month. Just take your time and learn while doing!

I don't really have a project or goal to work on, does that matter?

Not at all! Self doubt can affect your life on a daily base too. From handling an important task at work to socializing on the school yard.  Once you learn how to control your self doubt you will see things will get easier and you will be able to enjoy more. Day by day!

What if the course isn't helpful?

No worries! You will get a 100% refund if you're not happy with the course. Just send an email within 14 days. No risk so no need to have doubt on this one :)

Are you ready to tackle your self doubt for once at for all? Then now is the time to join the course! This is what you'll learn :

Understand self-doubt 

You know where your self-doubt is coming from. You recognize the patterns and the effect self doubt can have on you and your business. 


Stay in control 

Before self-doubt can drag you down, you switch to structure and strategic plans. You're able to stay in control of yourself and the situation.


Keep on moving

Self-doubt is no longer keeping you stuck. You're able to chop challenges into bite-size pieces and you keep on going step by step.



You're aware of your capabilities. This course helps you with an actionable system to stay in the flow and grow a healthy mindset. 


DEVICE MOCKUP self doubt.jpg

This is your guide to learn how to deal with self-doubt. This 6 module self-paced course will guide you while you work on your dreams and realise your goals. 

  • 30+ video's divided in a few categories such as knowing how to deal with your triggers, how to stay in motion and work on a healthy mindset. 

  • Transcripts: For those who rather read then watch video’s, all info is also available in transcripts.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Practical action guidelines: Frameworks to work with when self doubt sneaks in again. Feeling overwhelmed or clueless will no longer hold you back with these tools!

  • Lifetime access (updates included)



Hi there,I'm Yvonne Yu

I'm a professional to-do list maker and obsessed with self development. Most days you'll find me working at my kitchen table a.k.a home office where I teach others how to make a living doing what they love most.