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So you think you don't have a Personal Brand?

Personal Branding is often being sold as something you can add to your business....but guess what....


Yvonne Yu Mother Parade

A lot of entrepreneurs think they don't have or need a Personal Brand, maybe you do too. But here's the reality, if you're known as the CEO of your business you already have one! Just because you don't use it actively, doesn't mean it isn't there!

Your Personal Brand is your reputation, the image people have about you. It’s just like when you meet someone for the first time: the way they present themselves, their energy, the way they speak to you; it all forms your first impression of that person. And that’s exactly how it works with your business.

The power of Personal Branding

Right now, someone might be scrolling through your website and getting a first impression of your brand. And if your Personal Brand is clear, they'll know if what you stand for resonates with them. Which is important because:

  1. Most people don't just buy a product; they buy into the emotions and experiences you provide.

  2. Once people feel connected with your brand, they can become a Return Customer (YESSS)


But, and this is the tricky part; if you’ve been thinking that you don’t have a Personal Brand so you didn’t work on it…it’s very possible that you’ve been sending the wrong message to any potential customers and therefore already lost them without even knowing.

It's everywhere

And your Personal Brand isn't limited to your website, it’s everywhere! From your social media presence all the way down to the emails you send out. If your message and your vibe is not clear and consistent, people will simply check out. You have like 7 seconds to make that first impression and that’s not much! And people won't take the time to verify their first impression of you — nope, they're already off to the next brand.


So you have to be ready for it and make sure that every aspect of your personal brand is aligned with who you are and what you want to achieve so you can make that sale over and over again!


PS. If you’re not sure where you currently stand with your Personal Brand, download my FREE Personal Brand Checklist.

~ Yvonne


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